Transaction Support / Business Analytics

Valuation analytics can sometimes be complicated with extensive modeling, analysis of hypotheticals, and considerations of complex theoretical concepts. In some cases, a more simplified approach can achieve similarly accurate results.  It can also provide a greater level of clarity in understanding a business’ value for a sale/purchase or conducting internal corporate planning and analysis. At Helios, we understand that less is sometimes more and always look to maintain a degree of practicality in our analytics. This allows for more straight-forward discussions around our valuation conclusions with our clients and their stakeholders resulting in better informed business decisions.

Our professionals have provided business valuation and other financial analytics for a variety of internal planning purposes, including:

  • Pricing assistance (buy/sell analytics)
  • Valuations for administering equity-based incentive plans
  • Valuations for debt financing
  • Financial modeling including forecasting and scenario analysis
  • General financial analytics